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You can report a claim online for auto accidents, vehicle damage, and roadside service. it's easier than ever to file a claim or track an existing one.

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Fast, Effective, and Proactive

Whether it's home or auto, Pronto is committed to handling claims in an ethical, fair, and respectful manner. We understand that when an accident happens, the people involved would like it resolved quickly. Our team is constantly focused on being efficient and proactive.

Here are some key points to remember in the event of an accident involving your home or auto.
  • Car accident

    The best way to deal with an accident is to be prepared for one all the time.

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  • Property damage

    Home claims reports will be resolved by your chosen home carrier.

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What to do if you get into a car accident.

The best way to deal with an accident is to be prepared for one. Remember to keep a vehicle safety kit in your car. Always put your most important info in the glovebox such as, your drivers license, vehicle registration, emergency contacts, health insurance cards, etc. Make sure your cell phone is charged, it'll come in super-handy at the accident scene and throughout the car repair process.

  • 01
    Protect yourself

    Make a reasonable attempt to protect yourself from harm and mitigate loses by moving to a safe area. Use hazard lights, flares, reflectors and flashlights.

  • 02
    Assist the injured

    Check for injuries and render reasonable assistance to any injured person. If seriously injured, get a doctor or call an ambulance.

  • 03
    Report the accident

    Call the police even if the damage is minor.

  • 04
    Gather information

    Motorists are required to stop and provide their name, address, insurance info, and vehicle registration anytime damage is caused to real or personal property due to an incident involving the motor vehicle they are operating.

  • 05
    Assist the officer

    Remain at the scene, unless injured, until the officer arrives. Cooperate with the officer by briefly relaying the basic facts.

How to report a property damage.

It's hard to imagine anything happening to your home or the valued possessions inside of it. Our property claims process is made to help settle your claim quickly and efficiently, here’s what to do if that unexpected and unfortunate day ever comes.

  • 01
    Protect yourself

    The responsibility of the insured include: taking pictures of non-repaired damage, making temporary repairs to prevent further damage (after pictures are taken if at all possible), preparing an inventory of lost or damaged items. Never discard any items the claims adjuster will need to see them. Remember to look at every room in your house and at each side on the outside. List all the damage you find. Let your claims adjuster know if your house is damaged to unlivable conditions. Always make a complete room-by-room inventory of the damage.

  • 02
    After reporting a claim

    A claim representative will contact you and set-up an appraisal appointment to conduct an inspection of damages. If you can not live in your house, an advance payment may be available to help you with additional living expenses. That advance payment will be made available by our claim office.

    Save receipts from additional living expenses and present them to your claim representative. Your claim representative will estimate damage to your house

  • 03
    Home mortgage

    If your home is damaged, contact your mortgage company about the damage as soon as possible after you've reported your claim. When we disburse for damages to your home, we are required to protect the interest of the mortgage company, up to the amount of the mortgage balance. In this case, your claim payment will include the name of the mortgage company.

  • 04
    After an injury

    Check for injuries and render reasonable assistance to any injured person. If seriously injured, get a doctor or call an ambulance. Promptly report it to your agent once documented injuries have been tended to. Obtain names and addresses of any witnesses.

Commonly Used Claim Terms

Actual Cash Value (ACV) -  Your car's actual cash value is calculated by determining its original value, minus the amount your car has depreciated since you bought it.  The value of the vehicle at the time of the loss.

Adjuster - An adjuster is the person who investigates and settles auto insurance claims.

Claim - An auto insurance claim is a policyholder's request to be reimbursed for a loss that's covered by car insurance.

Claimant - The third party in a claim.

Comparative-Negligence Comparative negligence is considered when two or more parties failed to perform at a "reasonable standard." Each party has some degree of negligence in causing an accident. Your dedicated rep can help you with the comparative negligence laws in your state.

Deductible - The portion of a claim or responsibility to be paid by the insured before any payment is made.

Insured - The person, group, or property for which an insurance property is issued.

Supplement - Damages paid after an initial estimate amount is paid.  Hidden damages that are related to the initial loss.

Total Loss - Your vehicle will be considered a total loss if:

  • Damage is so severe that it can't be repaired safely
  • The repairs will be more expensive than the value of the vehicle
  • The damage is so severe that state regulations require the vehicle to be declared a total loss

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