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For Example No Plan With Plan Savings* % Saved
Simvastatin, Tab 20mg $18.84 $7.28 $11.56 61%
Lisinopril, Tab 40mg $14.08 $9.35 $4.73 34%
Amlodipine, Tab 10mg $26.68 $7.26 $19.42 73%
Azithromycin, Tab 250mg $27.84 $13.33 $14.51 52%
Omeprazole, Cap 20mg $24.62 $13.09 $11.53 47%
Pantoprazole, Tab 40mg $68.32 $12.94 $55.38 81%

*Savings are examples. Actual savings vary based on area and provider.
Note: This benefit cannot be used in conjunction with any other prescription drug discount program or insurance. While our provider lists are continually updated, provider status can change. We recommend that you confirm the provider you selected participates in the program before dropping off your prescription. Drug pricing may vary based on factors including the package size dispensed, date and time dispensed, and dispensing location. This is not insurance.